Dallas Child Custody

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This page is to allow your site visitors free downloads of any PDF files. You can add more PDF files to this page as your project requires.

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Client Questionnaire
This document provides the routine data needed to draft documents on behalf of a client.  Social security numbers, dates of birth, etc.

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Financial Information Statement for Temporary Orders
Most Courts require a financial information statement for  temporary orders.  It is a summary of the financial resources and needs of each litigant.  It is very often required to be submitted and introduced into evidence by each party.   The downloadable form is  our worksheet to create this court document.

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IRS Tax Exemption Form
If there is an agreement that one party shall have the tax exemption for a child, usually the high income earner, then this downloadable form is the proper form to use.  Sometimes, the exemption is traded between parents - one parent having an odd year and the other even years for example.

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Inventory and Appraisement
This State Bar of Texas form is used in a divorce action and is designed to help you identify marital property. It is comprehensive. It is very long.

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Dallas County Standing Order
A standing order is an automatic order that goes into effect on every case filed.  It is signed by all District Judges.  It basically follows the standard Texas Bar Association Temporary Restraing Order which is used in counties which do not have a "standing order."

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Collin County Standing Order
This download is the Collin County Standing Order which is very similar to the Dallas County order which is described above.